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So James Carroll a.k.a Stickman is spending his Fridays in MayFly as promised. We love it! Especially as when he has the axe out at the back of the shop for wood or spoon carving- all the junkies stay away!
Today he brought in some new “auld” things under his Brand New Second Hand label.

These old brass candlesticks have loads of character and the tag aptly states “Better to buy a brass candlestick than to curse the economic darkness.”

For those of you who want a mortgage free small house of your own, it’s €6 down and no repayments- made from locally harvested sustainable Larch. This house is wood throughout (but no garden).

And here’s a brass bird. Who doesn’t need this? A perfect gift for that someone who has everything.

“Cheers big ears” Is this a mouse? A fox? A deer? All 3? I just can’t tell. But for only €5 by jaysus come quick, this baby is not going to stick around for long or I’ll eat my hat.

And, as everyone says we’ve got ‘great jugs’ here at MayFly. James has brought in a nice collection. “Rub with caution.”

Last of all. “This puts the fun back in funnel.”

Danae Heffernan! She will collect her free Marilyn Monroe cufflinks one day soon from the shop.

Thanks a million to everyone who took part. In fact, I had so much fun offering up a free handmade prize I’ve decided to do it every month.

I will advertise the draw and the prize each month on our Facebook page which you can “LIKE” if you click here.  The draw or competition will usually involve sharing the poster of the draw on your page and having ‘liked’ our business Facebook page.

Here is a hilarious video about social networking and it’s only fun cuz it’s so sad and true. Take a look:

It’s called “Can I be your friend?”

If you can suggest any more fun ideas for the monthly draw I’d love to hear them!

So, do you remember my blog post of a few weeks ago?


Ari has taken us up on the challenge. I’ll hopefully be delivering our boring and pasty white lady this week along with the materials I’ve hoarded for her project. She’s definitely going to need a new name soon. Any ideas?

Ari makes amazing and beautiful handmade dolls. Here’s a link to her blog: check it out! She’s terribly talented.

Here’s one of her creations:

We’re also happy to be working together on another collaboration where Ari has taken some of our canvas and leather plain bags and has agreed to sew animal silhouette’s onto some of them as they were in need of a special little something something. I’ll save the images of that one for another post another day when I can show you before and after.

Thanks Ari, we’re really happy to be collaborating with you.


Hi there.  My name is Sarah & I’m part of the team here at MayFly.  I’ve been so impressed with Courtney’s blog posts lately, I asked her if I could have a go.

Recently Courtney set us a challenge: to upcycle/style one of the shop heads inspired by our interpretation of ‘Steampunk’.  (here I am with my head… & the shop head :P)

I’ve decided to take inspiration from one of our very cool customers (pictured above).  Wish me luck & stay tuned to see what I come up with!!

So today we are lucky enough to have our enthousiastic work experience helper Tomomi from Japan helping us decoupage some gift boxes.

Here she is, hard at work, with Luka:

Here’s a cool character shopping in here earlier, this is Brian:

Best of all James of Stickman is working with us here on Fridays now :) BIG SMILES… Today he is working on carving wooden spoons in the shop.

Here’s one of his handmade spoons carved from a birch wood stick. His first.

And our clearance sale continues on summer clothes everything reduced to €8 or any 3 items for only €16. Doesn’t get better than that!

And a photo to brighten anyone’s day- here’s delicious Dandelion from Lucy’s Lounge:

A friend came by the shop recently and shot some images and kindly sent them on to me. I thought they were lovely and that I’d share them with you. Thanks Jarlath!

Here are some of the Fanny Westgate Collection rings. Finding random objects and charms and making them into unusual rings has become my obsession over the past 2 years.

Above are some bottle cap brooches, various laser wood cut brooches, MAgne wood decoupage necklaces etc etc. Also a framed shot of Fred and Ginger cuz who doesn’t love them?

Here’s a shot of the backroom and the Kenana handknit dolls from Kenya in an old suitcase. Also our new MayFly sign with Paidi laser cut for us from acrylic (which we love)!

Last of all for now- here is a reflective shop shot where you can catch a glimpse of lovely Lisa, our amazing shop manager. One of the things I love most about Lisa is her habit of saying “Aw ya poor auld sausage!” I’ve never met anyone before who could pull off such a sentence. As I’ll be proudly acquiring my Irish passport (after 16 years here) next week, I’ll be standing in front of the mirror repeating this over and over until it starts to sound natural. Then, I’ll know, I’ve really become Irish. :)



My lovely Italian friend came by the shop to do an impromptu photoshoot of a few shots from inside the shop. The whole Italian posse came, Fernando, Daniele, Marilu and Mariangela.

I’ll post some of the photos Daniele took of the shop here so if you haven’t been in in a while, or live on the other side of the world, you’ll have a better idea of what we are like :)

I have quite a collection now of old suitcases and briefcases (and always happy to accept donations-hint hint!) which I love to use for storage and display. We had a bad flood last year and I lost a few good ones, sigh.

Here is a steampunk inspired sign made for us by Chris of Crowseye. It’s made with old cd’s, brake discs, chains, a wire sculptured Mayfly, wood and resin filled bottlecaps. A real work of art. She made us this sign in a work exchange where we sold her jewellery and she made the sign. It was just the kind of exchange I like to be a part of.  Thanks Chris. (

Here is the same sign, photographed and photoshopped- I just love how it looks so electric.

Here are some of the rings I love to make. I salvage old watch faces, paint them in resin, sometimes add in small dragonflies or keys, etc and or genuine Swarovski crystal cabochons. The result- very original and beautiful rings. These are also made into pendants. All of my last collection have sold out already, but I hope to find time after the busy season in August to spend time in my workshop again and make more.

And here’s me :)

And, last for now- the photographer’s assistants at the end of the night. And each of us modelling some of the funky hats available in MayFly.

Here is a nice example of an exciting use of a bottlecap- a metal rose recycled ring!

Made by Marius here in the shop workshop in collaboration with MayFly.

It can be yours if you click here! Go wan Go wan, you know you want to!

We are always on the lookout for unwanted cassette tapes, LP’s, 8-tracks?, unwanted leather, wind up watches and alarm clocks, small lego blocks, men’s ties and pc keyboards..

If you have any of these items to donate to the MayFly crafters, we’d be very grateful. We might even have a small gift for you in exchange. :)

See these cassette tape wallets made in the in-shop workshop by Marius. Click on the photo below to buy one:

We sell these upcycled cassette tapes made into wallets from €12-€15 in either fabric or leather. If you have a sentimental tape you’d like re-made just send it on to us!