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Our next upcoming felting class run by the creators of Wooly Boo Agne and Marius. This evening class will teach you wet felting techniques and how to make wool fabric. This next class (the 3rd in the wool-felting series) will be about how to make piece of woolen fabric, how to put felted picture on it and how to felt different shapes.

You can check more felting creations here:

This workshop starts at 7pm next Tuesday 2nd October in MayFly. We have limited space so email us here to book your place:

The class will be small, it’ll run from 7-8.30pm, all materials are supplied and its only €20. Better book early!

We held our first needle felting lesson in MayFly. Marius was a great, knowledgeable and relaxed teacher. Seven students came to this class. Marius has been needle-felting for 3 years now. First this was a hobby but it has evolved into a nice little craft business now where he makes his living making creative items to sell at MayFly.
The class started with Marius explaining what is wool and how this material felts with a barbed needle, how to mix in colours in layers, how to make simple shapes and how to connect pieces together.
Needle felting is definitely hard work and takes a lot of practice to get to the stage where the creations have such character. But, its also addicting and relaxing and its hard to stop once started.
After an hour and a half everyone had created their own felted apples, see below.

During the class we discussed wool qualities and where to find wool and other materials for felting.  Also we discussed other wool felting techniques, such as: wet felting, fabric felting, soap-sponge felting and more.  All of these techniques will be taught in other lessons to follow.
We are looking forward to our second felting lesson: this time it’s wet felting/ soap-sponge making which will take place at 19:00 on Tuesday 25th September. Wet felting is very different technique compared to needle felting, so everyone is welcome. The two felting techniques can compliment each other, so those who already learned needle felting could elaborate their soap by including a needle felted picture on top of their soap.

All who are coming to our second felting lesson please note that  we will supply all materials, but if you wish, you can bring your own aromatic soap. See you there, it will be really fun- guaranteed.

It only took a year and a half to fix it but by golly its fixed! Here’s our listing:

Delighted because now if you are looking for MayFly with our “Handmade Curiosities and Accoutrements Gift Shop”

you can just type MAYFLY into Google Maps and there ya go!

We are located in Temple Bar right bang smack in the middle of everything, just off Temple Bar Square.

Hope to see you here real soon.

PS Please feel free to leave us reviews of the shop at this page- you can leave comments about your experience and we want to hear that you’re happy with your MayFly experience. If you aren’t for some reason, please do tell us so we can make it better.

This morning I spent some time looking over a new exhibition that the Crafts Council of Ireland is presenting and showing in London this week. Read more about it here.

James Carroll made a beautiful greenwood Ash ladder for the show. Here’s a photo:

This ladder can be commissioned for you made to measure by James Carroll. It can be made any size you need. Who could pass that offer up?

Here is an excerpt that I’ve taken from the website about the value of craft that I think is beautifully expressed.

The value of craft

Within our fast-paced world, there still exists, in the most traditional sense, artisans, craftspeople. Men and women who, in the most fundamental human way, produce objects of value and beauty from their own imagination and with their own hands.

But a new generation of energetic, passionate designer-makers is connecting new ideas and technologies with traditional materials and techniques. They appreciate and advocate the connection between the head and the hand. Where something is made and who makes it should be as relevant as who designed it and what it stands for. The person and the place hold meaning.

William Morris firmly believed that the artist should also be a craftsman, that he should not only conceive the artwork, but should create it as well. He despised the machine-driven over supply of the 1851 exhibition, labeling its contents “…tonnes upon tonnes of unutterable rubbish”.

The recent proliferation of consumer goods has been part of a similar geographic separation of design and production. Many would argue this has led to a devaluing of the object and its meaning. Provenance and authenticity are lost and replaced with brand driven messages devoid of substance.

Today’s contemporary designer-makers offer a beautifully simple alternative, enabling us to feel better and live responsibly and well. In this new world, slow things, the things that take time, all bring new value.

And through this, craft creates renewed economic value for us. That is why in Ireland and throughout Europe, craft is increasingly being seen as an integrated and vibrant part of the creative sector.

There are more than 5,700 people working in craft in Ireland today. Located throughout the country, these designer-makers bring sustainable employment to localities, building tourism and cultural value. They inspire us with their passion, creativity and skill. “A Place to Gather” is an exhibition presented by the Crafts Council of Ireland and endeavors to bring a flavour of this to London Design Festival 2012. Welcome.

Brian McGee

Crafts Council of Ireland

Everyone is always asking- when? when? when?

You’ll be happy to know the day is coming close! One week exactly.

Here’s a video that Brian sent us. Yup I think he is making fun of us but its hilarious all the same. What do you think?

Going have to add this song to the MayFly soundtrack!

We hope that you’ll be able to make it next Wednesday 19th September at 7pm. The swap will run until 8.30pm.

As always it takes place at the Exchange Temple Bar and it’s a fiver in the door.

We’ll be running the swap this time whereby you will get tokens for each piece of good quality, clean, presentable clothing that you bring which you can swap for another item. It’s one ticket per good condition item of clothing. Sorry no t-shirts or Penney’s clothes past their prime? C’mon folks you get out of it what you put in to it- so if like the last swap we all bring either a few or a whole bin bag full of nice clothes we’ll have yet another great swap. The last swap people really made an effort and it was obvious, it appeared that everyone went home very happy. As usual our 5-8 full long rails were heaving with clothes.

Here is our page on Facebook dedicated to the clothes swaps only.

You can find photos there from a previous swap.

ug. For some reason we’ve always had a problem with Google Maps!

For ages we couldn’t change from our old location to this newer one in Temple Bar. And now we’ve disappeared completely! We really hope that you will perservere and in the worst case scenario at least you might come across this post.

How to find MayFly shop? The one that used to be behind Camden Street next to the Cake Cafe a couple of years ago?

Where is that cool shop that everyone is talking about in Temple Bar with the mad buggy out in front? With a cow inside it? We’re called MayFly and this is where you want to come to buy unique Irish handcrafted gifts and jewelry. For those familiar with Dublin and Temple Bar we are located in the building thats been known as Se Si over the last 25 years. Se Si the business now operates in the basement and is known as Lucy’s Lounge (it’s actually their mad cow-baby-pram/buggy thing!) They sell fabulous, crazy and fun all rolled up in vintage clothes and fancy dress. There’s always the hum of a sewing machine and new creations in the making.

(Photo credit: CandyMountainPhotos)

You can’t miss our building because MayFly is right off of Temple Bar Square. In a PINK building. We’ve got red windows. We’re across from Luigi Malones and Urban Outfitters. You know, behind the Central Bank? We sell: Irish handmade and handcrafted items from over 25 Irish based designers. We have things such as: funky hats for men and women, jewellery to suit all tastes and budgets, novelty men’s cufflinks (the best-sellers include cufflinks made from auld Irish coins by “Oh Boy”), a range of recycled and upcycled items such as bags made out of records and leather, cassette tape purses, bottle cap icon brooches, photography, original art and if you can’t find a gift for just about anyone here then what could you possibly be looking for?

Our address once again is: 11, Fownes Street Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

If you’re exhausted from trampling all around town in search of THE BEST SHOP IN DUBLIN, after you’ve found us, you can head upstairs to Cafe Irie for an amazing (soya- my favourite) cappuccino. And then, if you’re feeling up for it, Christian on the top floor above the cafe, he’d love to give you a tattoo. Now that’s some day out isn’t it!

…and shame on you Google, please fix our maps!

if you have trouble finding May Fly call us at: +353-86-376-4189

MayFly will be hosting its first needle felting workshop.

Run by the creators of Wooly Boo Agne and Marius, this evening class will teach you the basics. After this class, all you’ll need is practice and patience and you’ll be creating some works of art such as Marius already does (more of which you can read about again in this post). See their new Facebook page here:

This workshop starts at 7pm next Tuesday 18th September in MayFly. We have limited space so email us here to book your place:

The class will be small, it’ll run from 7-8.30pm, all materials supplied and its only €20. Better book early!

Ten euro deposit (for us to buy materials)  secures your place and the €10 balance will be due on the night.


So, we do have a shop on Etsy as well. Here’s the link:
We don’t update it as often as we should but my aim is to add thousands more items to this website and also a good collection onto the Etsy shop. However these things take time. My my so much time! 
If any of you who have expressed an interest in doing work experience in MayFly might be good at such things- we could certainly discuss some sort of mutually beneficial exchange. Maybe some MayFly goodies in exchange for helping us list items? 
Get in touch with us on the contact page or call by the shop if you’d like to discuss this further with me. 
Here’s a motivational and informative blogpost by Etsy about selling online:

We also sell many of our items wholesale to other shops around the country.
At the moment our current stockists are:

Kaleidoscope Arts Bridge Street, Westport, Ireland

Truly Irish Craft, Inistige Co Kilkenny, Ireland

Cow’s Lane Designer Studio, Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

I Heart Design Gallery Cork, Ireland

Little Museum of Dublin, St Stephens Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

We welcome new shops who might like to sell our products. See more here: