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…and it’s so easy! All you have to do to win a free handmade sign is it send us your favourite quote/saying/ expression/ inspiration

and you will be entered into a draw to win it handmade for you by Agne.

She handmakes these signs by hand on wood with paper and varnish.

win free sign by Agne from MayFly shop

I met Maho today, a lovely Japanese woman who has spent the last year living in Ireland.

She dreams of opening a shop in Japan and would like to incorporate some of her Irish experience and bring it home to Japan. She wants to open a shop in Japan and would like to sell MayFly’s creations there.

She visited me today in the shop and while there she wrote this blogpost for her Japanese counterparts, to help them find MayFly during their travels to Dublin.



Here are some photos she took during her visit.

wooden brooches from Wild Card at MayFly


handmade jewellery from MayFly


MayFly Shop Temple Bar Dublin Ireland

We’ve been lucky to have Simon with us in MayFly over the last month. He’s over from France and doing a two month stint with us as work experience.

He’s been concentrating on our “Oh Boy” cufflinks label and here is the fruition of last weeks work.

Here is a short video which gives a general feel for our cufflink label:

All of these cufflinks are available for purchase on this website and also on and at various shops around the country!

Our website is still under construction but it will be underway any day soon.






hare rabbit bunny brass money clip by MayFly


Here’s a new product on the “Oh Boy” Cufflinks of Distinction label. We’ve rolled out a collection of brass money clips. This one features 3 hares and clever James conceived the tag line “Three hares are better than no hare” and I immediately thought, now there’s a great gift for my dad! And indeed perhaps for any balding man out there.

I’ll soon add these to the website but for the moment here is a taster!


MayFly Shop Dublin new gift bag


Very excited about the new MayFly gift bags that I’m ordering now for the shop! What do you think?

We’ve decided to treat all of those of you who read our website or follow us on social networking sites.

For the months of May and June we want to give anyone who goes to our shop or buys online a free gift!

Every Sunday, if you visit us and make a purchase of €5 or more, you may choose any of our bottle cap brooches for free. This applies to online or in store purchases.

MayFly handmade bottle cap recycled brooches


These recycled bottle cap brooches are handmade in MayFly in our shop. They feature images such as Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, Where the Wild Things Are,  Mexican sugar skulls, typewriter initials, ravens, steampunk images, pin up girls, and many more.

(we can also take special orders on these- in any design you like for orders of ten bottle caps or more!)

What are you waiting for? Come and choose your free one today.  :)

Poe joke with a black raven bird MayFly Dublin shop


This post got the most laughs, views and shares than we’ve ever had on May Fly’s facebook page.  So just wanted to share it with you :)

Was feeling a little low on motivation these days so I came across this guy and he sorted me right out!

Now I’m frantically searching on ebay for a turquoise unitard like his and I know I will be complete.