We held our first needle felting lesson in MayFly. Marius was a great, knowledgeable and relaxed teacher. Seven students came to this class. Marius has been needle-felting for 3 years now. First this was a hobby but it has evolved into a nice little craft business now where he makes his living making creative items to sell at MayFly.
The class started with Marius explaining what is wool and how this material felts with a barbed needle, how to mix in colours in layers, how to make simple shapes and how to connect pieces together.
Needle felting is definitely hard work and takes a lot of practice to get to the stage where the creations have such character. But, its also addicting and relaxing and its hard to stop once started.
After an hour and a half everyone had created their own felted apples, see below.

During the class we discussed wool qualities and where to find wool and other materials for felting.  Also we discussed other wool felting techniques, such as: wet felting, fabric felting, soap-sponge felting and more.  All of these techniques will be taught in other lessons to follow.
We are looking forward to our second felting lesson: this time it’s wet felting/ soap-sponge making which will take place at 19:00 on Tuesday 25th September. Wet felting is very different technique compared to needle felting, so everyone is welcome. The two felting techniques can compliment each other, so those who already learned needle felting could elaborate their soap by including a needle felted picture on top of their soap.

All who are coming to our second felting lesson please note that  we will supply all materials, but if you wish, you can bring your own aromatic soap. See you there, it will be really fun- guaranteed.

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